We’re here to help if you have any questions (hi@rivyt.com), but here are some of the most frequent questions we have so far by other Rivyt users.

Can I add videos from other channels/playlists?

Yes! Here's how...

  1. From your site, open the RIVYT panel.
  2. Click "Add Video".
  3. Click the search icon () in the upper right.
  4. In the "Search YouTube" field you can search for the video you would like to add.
  5. Click a video result and review to make sure it's the correct video.
  6. Click "Add Video" to add the video to your library.

Can I change the order of my videos?

Yes! From the "Video Library" section, you can click and drag videos into the order you would like. Be sure to click "Update Video Order" for your changes to be applied.

Does changing the video image, title or details on RIVYT.com affect YouTube.com?

No. When you upload a new image, change the title/description text, those changes are only applied to your RIVYT site.

Does changing the video image, title or details on YouTube.com affect RIVYT.com?

If you upload a new thumbnail image on YouTube.com, that image will display on RIVYT.com only if you have not made any changes to the image FROM RIVYT.com. Changes to videos title/details on YouTube.com are not applied to videos already added to your RIVYT.com site.

How do I use a custom domain name with RIVYT?

RIVYT is compatible with custom domains (e.g. yoursite.com). If you don’t already have a custom domain name, we recommend Hover.com for domain registration.

  1. Purchase a custom domain from a service like Hover.com.
  2. Within your domain service provider, navigate to the settings page for the domain you want to use with RIVYT.
  3. Add a new "A Record" for your domain.
  4. In the "HOSTNAME" field, type @.
  5. In the "IP ADDRESS" field, type
  6. Save changes (may take up to 48 hours).
  7. Go to your RIVYT panel and click SETTINGS.
  8. Under the Custom Domain field, type your domain (e.g. yourname.com) and click UPDATE.
  9. Once your domain has propagated, your RIVYT site will be accessible using your custom domain.