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We’ve created it, now we need help growing the most simple and unique website platform available. Our goal was to make creating a beautiful website for your brand as simple and affordable as possible — an instant solution that can be used out of the box or customized to suit your needs. Now that it’s alive we‘re looking for brand ambassadors to help spread the word.

Here’s what we’re looking for ...

YouTube creators with at least 5,000 subscribers or more willing to share and promote RIVYT via YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Create a video review, write an article or just post a link and get 50% in return for any paid subscription you generate.

Here’s how it works ...

  1. Create a site and sign up (it’s 100% free).
  2. Appy by sending us an email below (tell us who you are and why you want to join).
  3. Share RIVYT using a partner link.
  4. Get 100% in return for any paid subscription you generate.

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